Debre Berhan & Ankober

Located 140km North East of Addis Ababa to visit one of the oldest town in the country- Debre Berhan town founded by King Zera Yacob(1434 – 1468). It was important in the earlier days because of its proximity to Ankober and the trade route through the Rift Valley to the coast. Ankober is located a short distance of 43kms from Debre Berhan and is assemble on the edge of the great escarpment of the Rift Valley which offers an extraordinary view of the region. It is also founded by King Zera Yacob in the 15th century. Ruins of the palaces of King Sahle Selassie and his predecessors are worth visiting. Ankober was Menelik’s capital before Entoto near Addis; there is an interesting lodge on the top of the cliff where you can see clearly the rift valley and visiting a local dwelling is worth don’t forget to bring your warm clothe since it is cold!

Mount Zuqualla Monastery & Debre Zeit creator lakes

Drive south from Addis to Mount Zuqualla to visit the Zuqualla Abo Monastery. Situated at the top of the mountain, the Crater Lake which is dormant is surrounded by beautiful woods and considered to be holy, then to crater lakes of Debre Zeit. There you will enjoy the lovely crater lakes of Hora, Bisheftu and other, these are best place for flora and fauna, birds’ life and spectacular scenery as you make walk around crater lakes, a number of lodge and resorts are available on the lakes shore.

Awassa or (Hawassa)

Awassa is a bustling Ethiopian town in the heart of the Great Rift Valley. It is the capital of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region- a melting pot of over 50 distinct tribes all with their own traditions, languages, dress, dance, and culture. The town is built on the shores of beautiful Lake Awassa and is overlooked by Tabor Mountain. Life in Awassa starts at the fish market, as early every morning the fishermen bring home the fresh catch, surrounded by the opportunistic birds of the lake. The abundance and variety of the lake’s birdlife is truly spectacular. A highlight to any day in Awassa would no doubt be taking a boat across the lake to see the hippos, all the while surrounded by birds of every shape and hue, from awesome fish eagles and storks, to the smallest waders and weavers. Awassa is an ideal for weekend or any day trip with the combination of Rift Valley Lake and Wendo Genet


Wendo Genet- which interpret as “paradise of Wondo”

Wondo Genet is a very popular hot-spring resort destination situated among the forested hills about 20 km south of Shashemene, there are a number of attraction in the surrounding including the swimming pool fed by the spring just outside from the top of the hill, the resort was established during the time of Haile Selase for the use of royal family. Wondo Genet area is great interest to hikers and nature lovers the resort compound support Anabas Baboon, Gureza and Grivet monkey and also Wondo Genet is an ideal place for bird watchers, a large variety of forest birds can be marked including, Mountain buzzard, spotted creeper, Abyssinian woodpecker, yellow fronted parrot, banded barbet, Ethiopian oriole, Ethiopian salty flycatcher, tree pipit, black saw-wings and much more. Wondo Genet can be a perfect weekend trip with the combination of Awassa and rift valley lakes.