16 Days Combination tour to Historic and Cultural route (SET47)

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Tour Title

Combination tour to northern Historic with Simien mountain & Tigray church, Omo valley cultural route with Rift valley Regions

Tour Type

History, culture, nature, religion, tribe, market, people, boat trip

Activity level

Easy –Moderate

Tour Code

SET 47

Tour Duration

16 Days & 15 Nights

Mode of Transportation

Domestic flights and Drive-/Minivans/Buses/ 4x4s

No of traveler

Private/Groups/ Joining

Type of accommodation

Option of -Up market/ Midrange/ Budget

Attraction Highlights

The famous historic route is one of the best destinations in the world to travel centuries back to perceive the civilizations of the ancient and medieval Ethiopia, medieval monasteries of lake Tana, African Camelot castle of Gonder, the UNESCO list Simien mountains, Axum birth place of Ethiopian civilizations, the rock churches of Tigray with UNESCO registered eighth wonders of world- Lalibeal, are living testimonies that endow with you a complete and full history of the country.

The Omo Valley in Southern Ethiopia is a little visited area of Ethiopia containing some of the most colorful tribes and ethnic groups. The fascinating costumes, colorful ceremonies and celebrations, arts, crafts, music and dance of the Bena, Hamer, Mursi, Karo, Gelebpeopl or Dasench and much more are very special. In the Omo Valley region many of the tribal groups have changed little over hundreds of years and they offer the visitor extraordinary insight into a variety of traditional cultures. On this trip, you get truly off the beaten track, exploring little visited villages and vibrant tribal markets of the Southern.

Day 1- fly ADDIS ABABA- BAHIRDAR- boat trip & blue nile water fall

Morning transfer to the airport to fly Bahirdar, upon arrival meet with SET team and drive to your hotel, after check in and breakfast boat cruise on this beautiful highland lake to see the monastery church of the beautifully decorated Ura Kidanmihret, and Azwa Mariam that allows both genders. Under the thatched roof of the monastery, there are some distinctive colorful frescoes of religious scenes an impressive display of illuminated bibles written in “Geez” the religious language from which Amharic is derived then afternoon will take a scenic drive of 32 km to the little town of Tiss Abay and walk for about twenty minutes to visit the famous Blue Nile Falls. The falls is locally known as Tiss Isat meaning, “Water that smoke”. Those who may wish to descend to the base of the falls must be climb back to the other side and cross the Blue Nile in a boat in-order to back to the point of departure, overnight hotel.

Day 2- DRIVE Bahir Dar – Gonder- PM EXPLORE GONDER

After breakfast drive to Gonder 180 km to conduct tour of Gonder known as the “Camelot” of Africa, nestled in the foothills of the breathtaking Semien Mountains National Park in the northwestern part of the country was the 17th and 18th century capital city of Ethiopia, which was founded by Emperors Fasiladas (1632 – 1667) and was home to a number of emperors & warlords, curtsies and kings who built several castles and palaces around the area. Visit the oldest and the most impressive Gonderine structure, the magnificent castle compound including the two storied palace of emperor Fasiladas, built of roughly hewn brown basalt stone held together with mortar, the fantastically decorated Debre Brehan Silassie Church (light of Trinity),the bath (now baptismal place during Ethiopian epiphany, January 19) of king Fasiladas and the ruined palace of Queen Mintiwab at Qusquam, were the Scottish explorer James Bruce used to reside for sometimes, overnight hotel.

Optional Activities Awra Amba community- is an Ethiopian community of about 400 people, located 73 kilometres east of Bahir Dar in the Fogera woreda of Debub Gondar Zone. It was founded in 1980 with the goal of solving socio-economic problems through helping one another in an environment of egalitarianism—in marked contrast to the traditional norms of Amhara society. Founded by Zumra Nuru, who currently serves as co-chairman of the community, with 19 other people who shared his vision, as of 2007 Awra Amba has some 400 members, and is lauded as a model to alleviate poverty and promote gender equality in a country where women are generally subservient to men)

Day 3- DRIVE goder – simien mountain national park-HIKING

Early in the morning Trip to Simien Mountain drives to Debark, 100Kms from Gonder, the Headquarter of the Simien Mountains National Park. Proceed to Sankaber, 37Kms farther, which is your first trekking starting spot, 3250 ms above sea level. Spend the day trekking around the camp sites. Lunch will be served by lunch boxes on top of the view point; here you will see some endemic Ethiopian Birds like wattle Ibis, and some mammals like the Gelada Baboon, overnight hotel/ Lodge/ Camping

Day 4- DRIVE simien mountain national park- Axum

Early in the morning after breakfast drive through the Semien Mountains National Park escarpments to Axum, via one of the most scenic road of Ethiopia and the Tekeze river gorge. This trip is a trying one, but it is the most rewarding for those who love exceptional scenery, overnight hotel


Full day visit of Axum, a place where the cradle of Ethiopian culture Christianity and the first capital of Ethiopia until the 9th century A.D., On this day you will visit the small but rich archaeological museum, the famous stele park, where the magnificent single block of stones erected since 3rd century, the Saint Mary of Zion Cathedral, where the original Holy Ark of the Covenant is still sheltered, however except one guardian (priest) no one is allowed to enter in to the sanctuary where the ark is stayed. Continuing your visit which includes the subterranean tomb of king Kalbe and his son king Gebremeskel, 6th Century AD, the trilingual inscription of king Ezana and finally visit the ruin palace and bath of Queen of Sheba who was the mother of king Menilik I of the 950 B.C, overnight hotel


Morning after breakfast drive Axum- Geralta on the way visit the 8-5BC Temple of Yeha. The temple is believed to be the oldest standing worship building in the country dedicating to god of Moon called Almuqa, then Proceed to the 6th century AD famous Monastery of Debre Damo established by Abune Aregawi one of the nine Saints came to Ethiopia in the 6th century in the reign of King Kaleb to spread Christianity and introduce monastery life in different parts of the country particularly to the northern region. The monastery is only for men and accessed by climbing rope to the top of the plateau ) if you are not interested with the monastery since it is only for men and need physical capability it is possible to visit rock churches of TIGRAY (TEKA TESFA CLUSTER) arrival to Hawzen, overnight Lodge


Morning after breakfast head to the Geralta cluster to visit the rock churches of Tigray dated back from the 6-9th century established by the nine saints who came from Syria during the time of Kaleb and Gebremeskel kings of the Axum dynasty, the rock churches are carve on the top of mountain façade today you will visit the rock churches namely Mariam Korkur in the morning and afternoon ABUNE YEMATA – The most difficult to ascend but worth to see the surrounding mountains from the top of the cliff, after that continue drive to Mekelle on the way more rock churches of Abrehawe Atsbha and finally to Wekro Cherkos. Finally drive to Mekelle, overnight Hotel

Day 8- DRIVE mekelle- LALIBELA

Morning after breakfast drive Mekele- Lalibela a full day Drive to Lalibela passing through outstanding chains of Mountain via Weldia admiring the landscape and the people on the way picnic lunch will be served, overnight hotel


Full day at Lalibela visiting the brilliant feats of engineering and architectures, are often by many referred as the “8th wonder of the world” which is exceptional to find eleven rock hewn churches of such master craftsmanship in one place. In this morning among the eleven remarkable rock hewn churches built by king Lalibela in the late 12th and 13th century A.D, you will visit the first cluster of churches that represents the earthly Jerusalem. After lunch break you will visit the second cluster of churches, which represents the heavenly Jerusalem, finally visit the most beautiful and fascinating monolithic cruciform church of Saint Gorge, late afternoon Ethiopian traditional coffee ceremony and honey wine, overnight hotel

Day 10- fly lalibela ADDIS aBABA – drive to AWASSA ON THE WAY TIYA UNESCO SITE

Morning after breakfast transfer to the airport to fly back to Addis Ababa upon arrival meet with SET staffs (driver and guide) at the domestic terminal and after quick lunch in Addis Ababa start drive down to south, drive to southward to the rift valley regions passing creator lakes and rift valley lakes on the way visit the Tiya steal field a UNSCO registered site in Ethiopia, arrival at Awassa and walk on the lake shore of Lake Awassa, overnight hotel.

Day 11- DRIVE Awassa - arbaminch- ON THE VISIT THE DORZE TRIBE

Mornings after breakfast walk on the lake shore to see the fish market and a very good opportunity to see the aquatic birds, then drive will take you along the scenic farmlands of Gurage People. We will also drive through the Wolayta farmlands, with views of the lush green hills and valleys, on the way visit the Dorze tribe and their village, famed for their bee hive shaped houses and their weaving skills. Weaving is a primary profession for many Dorze. They are also farmers, who prevent soil erosion by ingenious terracing of the mountainsides. Around their huts they have their own little garden with vegetables, spices; tobacco and Enset (false-banana or musa Ensete). You arrive late in the afternoon at Arbaminch - meaning 'Forty Springs' in Amharic. Arbminch takes its name from the bubbling streams that cover the groundwater forest occupying the flats of the town, Overnight hotel


Early in the morning drive to the Lake shore to have a boat trip on Lake Chamo, Boat trip on Lake Chamo is along the best anywhere in Ethiopia. One can spot many Hippos and the world's most spectacular concentrations of Giant Nile Crocodiles which measure about 6 meter with the water birds are great the scenery is truly unforgettable, continue drive on the way stop at KONSO to visit the Konso tribe with their king- UNSCO registered site for their extensive terracing and practice of making a wooden grave mark for their hero and kings, continue driving and late afternoon arrival to Turmi, overnight Lodge.

Remark: - if there is any ceremonial activity like traditional dance, Bull jumping ceremony you will be informed by your guide so based on that you will pay the extra payment for the ceremony


Early in the morning after breakfast excursion to Murulle to see the Karo tribe, famous for their body panting (they prepare the ink for the painting from locally available material like flower, soil and animal blood) we will also admire the scenery view of the Omo river from the edge of the village, then drive to Dimeka Market to attend the weekly colorful market of the HAMER tribe then drive back to Turmi after afternoon break in the lodge late afternoon walk from the lodge to the village to visit the HAMER tribe with their own way of life interaction with their way of life, overnight Lodge.

Remark: - if there is any ceremonial activity like traditional dance, Bull jumping ceremony you will be informed by your guide so based on that you will pay the extra payment for the ceremony


These day early in the morning after breakfast drive 73 km west to visit the Dassench/Geleb people; who inhabited in the bank of Omo River and we cross the Omo River by locally made boat to see the village these tribes are semi nomadic with very little agriculture on the bank of the Omo River, then drive to Jinka on the way enjoy the interaction of different tribes with their way of life, overnight Lodge.


After breakfast early in the morning leave Jinka and drive to Mursi village to visit and appreciate the very attractive culture of Mursi tribe. They are renowned for the strange custom followed by their women who, on reaching maturity, have their lower lips slit and circular clay discs inserted, then drive to KEY AFER- Tribal Market one of the best market in the OMO VALLEY since at list four different tribes are coming to attend these weekly market arrival to the small town and escort a local guide walking around the market and explore different section of the market including animal, vegetable, cereals and much more. Then continue drive back to Arbaminch, overnight hotel/ lodges


Early in the morning after breakfast drive to Nechisar is named after the white grass that covers the undulating Nechisar plains and contrasts with the black basalt rocks of the Amaro Mountains to the east, and the black soils of the plains. Around 15% of the park comprises portions of Lakes Abaya to the north and Chamo to the south. The water of Lake Abaya is always brown or red-brown due to iron-ferric, in contrast with Lake Chamo which has strikingly blue water and white sandy beaches. The park also covers the neck of land between the lakes which supports groundwater forest. At the foot of Mt Tabala in the south-east there are hot springs. During game drive you will have a chance to observe different wild life include Zebra, lesser and greater Kudu, gazelle, baboons and various bird lives then drive back to Arbaminch after lunch break transfer to the airport to fly back to Addis Ababa arrival at Addis, shopping and coffee break and finally in the evening traditional farewell dinner in cultural restaurant with live tribal music.


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